2023 Astronomic Calendar


This calendar will allow you to observe, in a simple manner, the movement of the main celestial bodies in our solar system during the upcoming year. You will be able to recognize the position and movement of the Planets in the sky, the proximity and phases of the Moon or the position of the Sun and Moon in relation to the zodiac constellations amongst other things. We invite you to observe the marvelous dance of the celestial bodies that so deeply inspires us.

Dimensions: 42×59.4cm / 16.5”x23.4” (A2)

Materials: The calendar is a silk-screen print, in golden and deep-blue inks, on high quality 240mg paper, with a slight cream color. The paper is made out of cotton, recycled and FSC cellulose fibers. It has some texture (small recycled fibers), see pictures.

For a deeper study of the sky we recommend you use a Star Map (‘Planisferium’) like this one. 


What does “Ephemeris” mean:

Ephemeris comes from the Greek word “ephémeros”, which means “diary”. In astronomy and celestial navigation, it is a table of data which indicates the positions of astronomical objects in the sky over time. What you hold in your hands is an ephemeris of the main celestial bodies in our solar system.

How to use the Calendar:

The Earth is the centre point of this heavenly map. From here, we can see the Sun, the Moon and the planets go by through the zodiac constellations, following an imaginary line we call ‘ecliptic’.

At the same time, this calendar is divided into two main parts: firstly, the inner circle (with a blue background) and secondly, the outer circle (without background).

The inner circle is made up of three parts:
-An inner circle showing the position of the Moon, in relation to the constellations, during all the moon cycles that will develop during 2023.
-A central ring with the twelve zodiac constellations, divided into twelve parts (zodiac months); with their respective symbols.
-An outer ring which indicates the positions of the planets and the Sun regarding the constellations.

Outside the circle you will find a calendar marking the moon phases for each month, the proximity of the Moon to the Earth (the Apogee and Perigee) and the star showers.

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