Hypericum Oil (St. John’s Wort Oil)


St. John’s Wort Oil has been widely used through decades for all sorts of treatments due to its variety of healing properties. Its regenerating, antiseptic and calming properties make it perfect to apply on the skin. It is beneficial for scars, burns, bug bites, baby rashes, varicose veins and wounds. Its anti-inflammatory, analgesic effects help treat sore muscles and joints, nerve pain (such as sciatica), cramps and bruises.

This oil is 100% natural, handmade & hand-harvested by us.

Capacity: Choose between 100ml / 3,38 oz. or 60ml / 2 oz.

Ingredients: Virgin Olive Oil (oleum oliva), Wild and hand-harvested St. Johns Wort (hypericum perforatum

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100% Natural St. John’s Wort Oil

This medicinal oil has had a 40-day maceration process in Spanish virgin olive oil. The wild St. Johns Wort’s flowers (hypericum perforatum) have been hand-harvested and trimmed with much love by us around the mountains of Valencia, taking care of the plants. We have made a careful selection process to ensure a high quality oil with the best of the flower’s properties. The quality of the oil can be seen through its red color. The oil comes in an amber glass dropper bottle that protects and preserves the oil’s qualities.

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Use: Apply on clean skin. The oil can be massaged into the skin or dissolved (just some drops) in a warm bath for a calming effect. Keep areas with applied oil away from the sun (St.John’s Wort oil may cause photosensitivity on some skin types) by covering them or applying the oil at night or a few hours before sun exposure.

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100ml / 3,38 oz., 60ml / 2 oz.


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