Self-Care Ritual Gift Box


100% Natural Self-Care Gift Box

This Self-care pack includes Tiger Balm, Toothpowder, 1 Massage Oil of your choice, 2 Soaps of your choice + 2 Tea Stick Bundles. All items have been handmade with high quality, natural ingredients and much care for you to enjoy. Our Massage Oil Blends have been thought out to cover your different needs (please read the individual listings in our shop for a detailed description of each product). This pack includes:

  • Tiger Balm: helps relieve muscular pain, contractions, strains, itching insect bites, headaches and more. It has potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic and stimulant effects through its concentration of high quality essential oils and Menthol and Camphor crystals. Cinnamon oil, Menthol and Camphor crystals provide a warming effect and combine with Cajeput, Clove and Peppermint to stimulate the circulation, reduce stiffness, release tension and soothe cramps.
  • Toothpowder: provides a deep mouth cleanse. You will benefit form all of nature’s medicinal offerings without harmful ingredients. White Clay balances the mouth’s PH and is rich in minerals. Cinnamon is anti-bacterial and anti-fungical. Clove is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and has been used for centuries for healthy gums. Peppermint combats dental plaque and leaves a fresh breath.
  • Tea sticks (2 Bundles): Aromatic smudge sticks made from Canarian Pine Tree heartwood, called “Tea” in Spanish. It has a lovely sweet aroma that gives a grounding and earthy feeling to any space. This tree is associated with ‘protection’.
  • Massage Oil: Made with high quality essential oils and a Sweet Almond Oil base. Our Massage Oil Blends have been thought out to cover your different needs. Choose between: Relax, Muscles & Circulation, Aphrodite or Grounding.
  • 2 Soaps: Made with Spanish Virgin Olive oil base. Choose 1 soap in this listing and the other by DM or we will choose the second soap ourselves. Choose between: Oatmilk & Lavender, Turmeric & Calendula, Rosemary & Aloe Vera, Green Clay, Blue Clay and Laurel (Bay Leaf).


  • Massage oil: Apply on clean skin. Can be used as massage oils or body oils.Add a few drops to the bath for an extra-loving ritual.
  • Tea Sticks: Light one stick with a candle or lighter and let the flame burn for a few seconds, blow immediately if there is black smoke. After blowing it will give off a pleasant white smoke, with the sweet smell of the Canarian pine. Its use is similar to ‘Palo Santo’ sticks, and a good alternative to this endangered wood.

Box content: 1x 30ml Tiger Balm, 1x 20g Toothpowder, 2x 90g Soaps of your choice, 1x100ml Massage Oil of your choice, 2xTea Stick Bundles

Packaging: Your box will be packaged ensuring it will arrive safely, when possible multiple items will be packaged together.

Massage Oil

Relax, Muscles & Circulation, Aphrodite, Grounding


Oatmilk & Lavender + Green Clay, Turmeric & Calendula + Laurel, Rosemary & Aloe Vera + Blue Clay


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