Star Finder ‘Planisferium’ (Northern Hemisphere)


This star finder will allow you to find the constellations at any date and time in the Northern Hemisphere.

You can use this star finder to find the Planets and Moon’s positions in the sky with the aid of our Astronomical Calendar for 2023. (You can purchase both items at a special price in our Cosmic Bundle).

Dimensions: 22.5×22.5cm / 8.8”x8.8”

Materials:  High quality 240mg blue paper, FSC certified and partly recycled. Silkscreen printed with gold and silver ink.


‘Planisferium’ is a celestial map that allows you to see the sky’s constellations at any time and date in the Northern Hemisphere. The zodiac belt (ecliptic) is marked so you can find more easily the Planets and Moon. This ‘Planisferium’ is the perfect tool to deepen your knowledge of the sky and how it moves throughout the year. All the constellation’s names are marked in latin, the star’s brightness is shown according to the size of the star (bigger stars in the ‘Planisferium’ mean brighter stars), the brightest’ star names are marked also in Latin (in italics). The background shows the milky way’s position.

Use: Rotate the disk to match the date and time. The time is marked in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), please take into consideration your local time’s relation to the UTC. For example Spain’s local time is UTC+1 in winter, which means you should set the planisphere’s time 1 hour earlier than the local time to match the UTC. To start observing, place the North of the planisphere downwards and face Polaris.

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