Aloe Vera & Rosemary Soap


This 100% natural Rosemary and Aloe Vera Soap is perfect for a nourishing and refreshing cleanse of the face and body. Made with Rosemary macerated oil and rosemary essential oil, it helps balance the skin’s natural oils, which makes it perfect for most skin types and adds to its soft smell. Rosemary oil helps trigger skin circulation whilst Aloe Vera contains antioxidants, Vitamin C and A and is deeply hydrating and healing, making it a great combination. Both Rosemary and Aloe Vera have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a cleansing and revitalizing effect.


This soap has been made with 100% natural and high quality ingredients. It contains Rosemary macerated Oil. This oil has been made with Spanish Virgin Olive oil and wild and hand-harvested Rosemary. The Rosemary has been harvested and trimmed with much love by us around the mountains of Valencia, taking care of the plants. We have made a careful selection process to ensure a high quality oil with the best of the plant’s properties. The Aloe Vera has been organically grown in our garden, equally hand harvested and hand processed by us. Handmade with much love and attention by us, this soap is vegan and toxic-free.

Note: because they are handmade, the color and shape of the soap bar may vary slightly.

Use: Apply on wet skin. Massage into the skin and wash off with abundant water. Always remember to moisturize your skin accordingly afterwards. To keep the soap at its best, let the soap air dry between use or use a draining soap dish.

Weight: 90g

Ingredients: Saponified Rosemary Infused Virgin Olive Oil (sodium olivate), Water (aqua), Rosemary (salvia rosmarinus), Aloe Vera, Rosemary Essential Oil (salvia rosmarinus)

Packaging: Your soap will be packaged in a cardboard box, ensuring it will arrive safely. When possible multiple items will be packaged together.

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