Aromatic “Tea” Heartwood Sticks


These aromatic smudge sticks are made with recycled heartwood from the Canarian Pine Tree (pinus canariensis), called “Tea” in Spanish. This pine species is endemic to the canary islands and is particularly valued for its distinctive dense, resinous and heavy heartwood. It has a lovely sweet aroma that gives a grounding and earthy feeling to any space. This tree is associated with ‘protection’. For centuries it has been used for roofs, doors, barrels etc due to its durability and beauty. Its high content in resin makes it highly flammable and aromatic, meaning that it gives off a sweet and pleasant aroma when lit.

For each purchase you will receive two Tea bundles.

All our “Tea” sticks come from old unused pieces we found and small trunks cut to prevent wildfires, we do not cut any trees for this purpose. They have been collected and hand-cut by us with much love and respect towards nature.

Use: Light one stick with a candle or lighter and let the flame burn for a few seconds, blow immediately if there is black smoke. After blowing it will give off a pleasant white smoke, with the sweet smell of the canarian pine. Its use is similar to the Palo Santo sticks, and a good alternative to this endangered wood.

Note: For each order you will receive two “Tea” bundles. The sticks may vary in length and width depending on the nature of the piece we find, but the weight will be similar (you might get less, but longer sticks, or vice versa).

The aromatic wood, especially the heartwood, is among the finest of pine woods.

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Relax, Revitalize, Muscles and Circulation


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